Hey bloggers!  So a new site has launched for blackberry users that I was privileged enough to help beta test.  BerrySocial!  This site was created by RukusBA and ngreenwood6 from Twitter.  It is a greatly growing one stop shop for all you’re social networking needs.  Right now they are focusing on blackberry users from all over the globe but do have aspirations to open to all types of mobile users. 

The site is a one of a kind *at least that I have seen*.  Features you’re own customizable profile with the use of widgets, ranging from your GamerTag, music player, Twitter feed, Pictures, Hulu (non Canadian), Google Maps, and many more, and more to come.  You can move the widgets anywhere on your profile untill you get the desired look.  Users are also welcome to create ‘Groups’ for which to join, mingle and expand you’re social circle.  Creators of the groups may choose to have it private to their friends list or open to the public.  Create discussions within the groups and maybe learn something new or meet new and interesting people.  I myself have found a few people through BerrySocial to converse with.  Another cool feature of the site is the integrated chat bar at the bottom, so you can chat in real time with the people on your friends list.  Along with Twitter they have integrated Facebook friends feed as well you can see what you’re BerrySocial friends are updating!

One of the other features is ‘The Wire’  this is like you’re twitter feed with options to reply to other users and if you wish to set the permissions anything you post there will post automatically to your Twitter and Facebook!  A great way to update all you’re sites without having to go to all of them individually!  They are working on getting a mobile application as well so when you are away from your computer you can still be connected.

So we all invite you to come join the BerrySocial crew, everyone’s very friendly and one of the best things I find is the creators are right in there with you, have a question/comment and they will respond to you unlike *cough*facebook/twitter*cough*.  So why are you still reading this GO JOIN! Add some friends, play with the widgets, share some pics, oh and have fun!



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