Loma’s Pride

Oh Hai bloggers!  Recently I started making theme’s for blackberry’s and found it challenging and fun!  One of the most challenging things i found making theme’s is…What to make a theme of?  So I went in search of some inspiration, scouring the internet and my laptop’s hard drive, then it hit me!  My really good friend is having a bday next week and loves personalized stuff.  So with some help from her girlfriend I got a photo she really likes and then the ball just rolled from there!  Now since she has a Bold like me it was easier to make and test it, so the process went a lot faster than other theme’s I am making. 

As this was my first endeavour in making a theme I thought I would share the outcome with you all.  It’s ok to share now because she came over last nite to get her present and loved it!  Sorry bloggers this theme is only for her so no downloading this one…there will be more for you in the next little while, I am almost done my second theme titled ‘Startiger’ so stay tuned!  While your waiting tho I will post some pictures of ‘Lomaspride’ below.  hope you enjoy!









Blue icons courtesy of @sherrylancaster http://sherrylancaster.posterous.com/


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