Ubertwitter: Paid vs Freeware

So today Ubertwitter released their free upgrade to 0.912 that has an AD embedded at the top of your feed, but they have also added in the previously promised paid version, which will not have AD’s in it.  The response time has been improved along with the ability to have multiple accounts/LSB/video support and faster picture uploads, see www.ubertwitter.com for a full list.  All features are available with both the free and the paid versions. 


When I seen @Ubertwiter send this tweet out earlier I was actually about to purchase it because I do believe in supporting developers that do an amazing job.  But then I seen that Ubertwitter has decided to not go with the one time purchase route, instead they are offering the AD free Paid version on a yearly subscription basis of 4.99 USD/yr which is not auto renewed.  Now I’m sorry but I am not ok with another subscription to something even if it is once a yr.   I personally will be sticking with the freeware version, unless Ubertwitter Gods decide to change their mind.

What do you think bloggers? Will you pay for a subscription of this popular app or will you make due with the freeware version?



One Response to “Ubertwitter: Paid vs Freeware”

  1. Myka Cameron Says:

    i am also in agreement its a shame they had to go that root theres other options i would think.

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