Are ADs being used right?

So we’ve all seen them embedded in our apps, strategically placed, taking up memory and data. You got it ADs! We all know them and have learned to hate them.
As smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberries become more and more popular, a demand for apps increases. Some developers decided to charge for them and others are just free, and a few have free trials. Wither it be from looking for a hotel to staying socially connected, you will find an app to suit your needs. So users scour the internet and AppWorld for Apps they can download for free and hopefully have ad free.
Users want a app to do more for them/run faster/more features ect. Well developers have found this isn’t cheap. Thus they create updates and start including ads to pay for these features for their free app.

I know ads are essential to earn money for developers but I believe they are being used incorrectly. A lot of developers have the free app with ADs or you can purchase the app and have no ads. Since when did we all start being ok with paying to not see ADs? We pay tons of money a month for a cable/satellite subscriptions but that doesn’t stop commercials from interrupting my shows. Instead you can pay more and have a PVR or Tivo which records your shows so you can just skip the commercials but that’s not all, you get more features!
Why aren’t developers following suit? Instead we have to pay to get rid of the ADs but you don’t get more features. I was all excited this morning when the update of UberTwitter was released.  Only to find that there was this banner AD at the top of my timeline.  Needless to say I am very disappointed.  Now @UberTiter did hint that there will be a paid version, all that was said is the ADs would be removed. This will not cut it for myself and many BB users.  In order for me to purchase an app not only will it have to be ad free but it will have to do more than the free version, ad some value to the app.
I’d like to see a change in the way ADs are being used or have the ability to hide them or put an AD on a page to view when the app starts then it goes away….something!
So again I put it too you, the people. Are you ok with paying hard earned money just to get rid of
Ads or do you want more?  Are the ADs in apps being used correctly?  Tell me what you think.



***This morning UberTwitter sent out a tweet that they have removed the ADs until they have a paid version ready* I still want more features for my money not just no ADs***


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