What would you do?

Okay bloggers…dating, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Some people do what I call ‘rapid dating’ which is when you date multiple people one right after the other or overlap them in some cases.  Others (like myself) take their time in getting to know one person until it goes sour or evolves into something else.
Now what I like to do within the first couple dates is to let the other person know my likes/dislikes, turn on’s/turn off’s in the personality/attitude sense.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, it seems to be a standard way of  ‘weeding out’ those you are not compatible with.  Well recently I was ‘dating/getting to know’ someone which ended last night.  Things seemed to be going ok, we hit little speed bumps along the way but I got over it cause I really liked this person.  I won’t name names cause I don’t believe that’s fair to them.
So in the beginning we told each other a lot about our pasts, ex’s, likes/dislikes and so on.  Had a few sleep overs, meet friends, the usual story of two people dating.  Now I have a few things that I will not tolerate as most people do, mine are lies, heavy drugs (ie. E, poppers, coke, basically everything but weed), people who date more than one person at one time and sleep with them all.  So other than those big things I’m pretty easy to get along with.
So last night we went to their buddy’s place to have a few drinks for the buddy’s birthday.  Was fun at first, chilling on the patio in the sun with some beers, talking, listening to music….sounds like a chill time eh.  Then the most disgusting thing happened that made me sick to my stomach….the bday boy started crushing up some coke.  As soon as I seen it I decided it was time for me to go home.  The person I was dating had told me they left that all in the past and I believed them. now I’m not a controlling person, I told the person I was dating I’m not their mother and won’t tell them what to do, but I won’t be around for it.  As I was saying that I needed to go home cause I didn’t want to be around that they decided to shove it up their nose knowing my total disgust with it.  That’s when I stood up and went to leave then the bday boy said he would drive me home as the person I was dating left their bag at my place.  Stupidly I said ok and we left.
When we arrived at my place I handed them their bag and edged them to the door, the whole time the person I was dating apologized and apologized, and even said they will take last night as a life lesson and only do a few more lines.  Really!  They realized after the first line that it was a mistake to do, why do more if you really care about me?  Then came more apologizing but to no avail.,  based on one simple fact.  They knew where I stood on the topic from day one and still choose to do it. When they left I told them goodbye.
I’ve gone over it in my head whether or not to forgive them one last time.  Then I stepped back and thought to myself, how do I forgive and forget this when every time I looked at them I felt nothing but disgust and nausea.  The answer came to me, I can’t.  I cannot forfeit my beliefs and standards just to not be alone in this world, no-one should have to.
So I leave it to you bloggers…what would you have done?  Anything different?  I invite you to take the poll and see where you stand.


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