Father’s Day

So today was father’s day…the day we set aside to honour our father’s that raised us.  As  a child we grow and learn through teachings passed down from generation to generation.  A lot of our learning’s come from our parents.  Some time ago it was decided that we should have separate days to honour/love those parents, as a lot of us know it’s not an easy job. 

As a child I was not blessed with having a parental unit of two.  Yes there were sporadic times that I did have 2 parents like most of the kids I knew.  First was my real father, it didn’t work out obviously, next was a guy who had his own two kids, a boy and a girl so for a time being my sister and I had a step-brother and sister.  I left to live with my real father for a couple years, then returned just before the step-family ended.  Years went by when just my mom, sister and myself were present, during those years I had very infrequent calls/visits with my real father.  Thus very little reason to celebrate this day, and was generally a very touchy day for me. 

Now we’re up to the good part, I swear!  Now comes along a man I’m proud to call Dad. 

When he came along I was very harsh and sceptical of him, with the past as proof, I wanted to protect my mom and didn’t know any other way to do so as we really hadn’t talked about dating and such.  Not that she needed my permission or anything…just sayin’.  So as time went on he came around more and more, treating everyone, including me with nothing but respect and kindness despite the way I acted.  I may be crude at times but come on how long can ya stay crusty with someone like that.  He supports my mom/sister and myself, he is a great resource of strength knowledge and integrity, and gives me a reason to celebrate this day.  This year we were unable to celebrate this day together due to work, which I understand because as parents we do what we must to support our children. 

In my family we tend to have what I call an expressional curve, we with hold our feelings instead of verbally expressing them towards the ones we love.  I still find it hard to express my feelings towards him verbally, but the voice is not the only way we can express feelings, hence this blog.  This was the one thing I will always remember that he taught me last summer while on a family camping trip.  He inadvertently opened my eyes, as we had a very good discussion over our camp fire which I will never forget.  Sorry the remainder of the discussion will be left between my dad and myself.

I now continually strive to correct this pattern within myself and my son by encouraging and voicing how proud I am of him and his accomplishments.  I now look forward to celebrating this day with my son and Dad.  Even tho he was unable to be with us this past Fathers day, I want him to know that he was on my mind and I am eternally grateful to have him as a part of my life.

Happy Fathers Day


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